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Keeping people safe with distancing control

Conveyr is a quick and secure distancing tool that can control the flow of people into an organisation or building. It can be built to work with existing equipment and provides a low overhead for staff, not distracting them from their regular role.

Keeping safe - Conveyr

How it works

Staff view

Staff view

  • As many controllers as needed - all real-time synchronised
  • Secure connection per branch
  • Easy to use
  • Available on any device with web connectivity - mobile / tablet /desktop.
  • Hardware can be supplied as part of the package
  • Custom branded
Customer View

Customers view

  • Many view-points as needed
  • Use existing hardware or we can supply as part of the package
  • Customisable messages
  • Accessible for people with visual differences
  • Audio option is possible too for visually impaired
  • Custom branded
1st Step

Set up controller and display

A display placed conveniently for customers and any other web enabled device with Conveyr launched and controller selected.

2nd Step

Receive pairing code from controller

The user logs in securely and is presented a short but secure pairing code.

3rd Step

Enter pairing code into display

The app is launched in a web browser on the customer visible screens and display is selected, The pairing code is then entered.

4th Step

Repeat for all displays

More controllers can be added using the same code. When the status message changes, all devices are updated in real time.

What it does

  • Secure
  • Quick and easy to install and roll out
  • Low overhead for staff (simple to use so they are not distracted from their role)
  • Understanding of people with visual differences and works for people with colorblindness
  • Flexible for various scenarios
  • Built to work with existing equipment or low cost equipment
  • Simple to use


Reusing equipment

Reusable = affordable

Being web based, existing equipment can be used or low cost and reusable equipment can be purchased.

Simple and scalable

Simple & scalable

Simple to use and to scale across all areas of the organisation.

Quick and safe to roll out

Quick and safe

Roll out can be done with minimal interaction enabling it to be implemented across the entire organisation quickly, simply and safely.

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